From the Pastor’s Desk – September 10, 2017

Matthew Kelly offers six processes for prayer. Last week I wrote about taking time to thank God for whatever you are most grateful today.  Second, process is awareness:  Revisit the times in the past twenty-four hours when you were or were not the best version of yourself.  Talk with God about these situations and what […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – September 03, 2017

When I wake up in the morning, before I get up, I pause and pray the “Abandonment Prayer” to begin the day. Immediately following that prayer, I think about the day before and what I am grateful for, generally for life, health, family, faith, for all the good things that happened. On Monday going about […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – August 27, 2017

We live in an age of keys and locks.  Do you carry around keys in your pocket, purse or wallet? What do the keys operate? I carry keys for my car, the churches, Tuff shed, closets and padlocks, all necessary  keys to open and close the church, the shed and places in the little church. […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – August 20, 2017

The sports columnist Mark Purdy wrote his last column in the Mercury News last Sunday.  I knew his wife when she taught at Saint John Vianney Parish School, I believe they are both now retired, but I like his by line “Let me tell you a story.”  On the first week of vacation I drove […]