From the Pastor’s Desk – November 12, 2017

Today marks the end of National Vocation Awareness week for the United States, but not the end to our efforts to promote, pray for and seek out vocations to ministry, coworkers in the vineyard, especially priestly ministry for our local church.  Each of us responds to God’s call in our own way through the life […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – November 5, 2017

Where do vocations come from?  What prompts a young man or woman or not so young man or woman to respond to God’s call to serve God’s people as a religious, brother, priest or sister? I believe it starts within the family where parents are open to any reasonable vocation for their sons and daughters, […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – October 29, 2017

As Jesus approaches the cross in Jerusalem, the Pharisees and elders continue to challenge him on his authority as a teacher, rabbi and minister asking him which is the greatest commandment?  He responds by combining two laws, one in Leviticus the other from Deuteronomy, laws that we know so well. “You shall love the Lord […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – October 22, 2017

How often do we look at our own currency here in the United States?  We have coins, pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, half dollar and dollar coins, interestingly enough they are imprinted with the phrase “In God We Trust.”  Now a much debated phrase in our increasingly secular society that debates the involvement of church […]