From the Pastor’s Desk – January 31

In a few days, on February 10, we gather together on Ash Wednesday to allow ashes to be imposed on our foreheads, an interesting gesture and sign of the church, not limited to Catholics. As we read in Sourcebook, “In the early church, when Lent was a time for the reconciliation of public sinners, the penitents would come to […]

From the Pastor’s Desk: January 24, 2016

Last fall we had a very successful campaign to raise funds for the rectory remodel. I am grateful and overwhelmed at your generosity. We will be giving regular updates on the rectory project as the year progresses. After thirty six years it should come as no surprise that Bishop McGrath asks for our support to participate in the […]

From the Pastor’s Desk: January 17, 2016

Today we begin the Annual Diocesan Appeal campaign, to support the work and ministries of our Bishop for the Diocese of San Jose. We became a diocese in 1982 and for the past 34 years each Bishop has asked all the parishioners in all the parishes to fund the work of the Diocese. The ADA is the primary financial […]

From the Pastor’s Desk: January 10, 2016

Today we come to the end of the Christmas season with the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord. With the Baptism that Jesus submitted to by John the Baptist in the Jordan, he bridges the Old and the New Covenants, and the coming cycle of sacred scriptures will open up his years of public ministry. We might even […]