From the Pastor’s Desk ~ November 1, 2015

On Monday, November 2nd the church marks the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed, better known as All Souls. Besides remembering our call to be saints, to be holy before God and others, we remember our faithful departed. It is a long standing tradition in the church to remember those who have gone before us, […]

From the Pastor’s Desk ~ October 25, 2015

Next week we celebrate the Feast of All Saints, on November 1st and the Feast of All Souls, or the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed on Monday, November 2nd. Who are the saints? How did these women and men distinguish themselves in the life of the church? First and foremost, they were ordinary people who […]

From the Pastor’s Desk ~ October 4, 2015

I offer a few brief thoughts following the departure of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, or Francis as he signed the mural in Philadelphia on Saturday evening from the United States. From the moment he arrived at Andrews Joint Forces Base on Tuesday to his departure Sunday evening from Philadelphia on September 27th, he received much from the people he […]

From the Pastor’s Desk ~ September 27, 2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015 Pope Francis arrived in Havana, Cuba for a three day visit, celebrating Mass for the people, visiting with civic leaders and Fidel Castro, the former president of the country throughout a very full schedule. Cuba faces innumerable challenges, even among its Catholic population, only a small percentage of people regularly attend […]