From the Pastor’s Desk – August 04, 2019

How often do we expect someone else to solve our dilemmas? How often do we decide issues singly or by ourselves? When someone asks Jesus to solve an inheritance issue for him, Jesus does not answer the request. He makes one comment and instead he tells a parable about a rich man whose land produces […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – July 28, 2019

After reflecting on our call to be disciples like Martha and Mary, faithful women and good friends of Jesus along with their brother Lazarus last week, today Jesus’ disciples ask him how to pray. Prayer is integral to our life of faith. As Abraham was persistent in his negotiation with the Lord God over the […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – July 21, 2019

Last week I wrote about putting love into action, meaning how are we living our faith as disciples? What does it mean to be a disciple? Clearly, being a disciple is something           intentional not accidental. When we were baptized, we celebrated the reality that we are God’s daughters and sons, called […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – July 14, 2019

In my service as a chaplain, I encountered people from many different backgrounds, educational levels, occupations and interest because we were citizen soldiers, but basically part time soldiers until we were called up and deployed. I remember one officer who was very interested in the Bible as literature. He studied the Greek and Hebrew texts […]