From the Pastor’s Desk – April 15, 2018

From the Pastor’s Desk; For better or worse we lived Lent for forty days, possibly giving alms, praying and fasting.  We did what we could for those forty days.  We lived Lent to prepare for the Three Holy Days, the Triduum, then we celebrated Easter and the Octave of Easter and now we have 36 days to celebrate Easter.  Easter lasts seven weeks, at least the Easter season lasts seven weeks until the great Feast of Pentecost on May 20th.

The Easter decorations may be put away in the home and yet simple spring flower arrangements, real or artificial grace the dining room table or potted plants give a flavor of spring to the inside of the house as outside trees and plants burst into bloom and show their spring colors.

With Easter comes a new way of being, we are sent out week after week from the Eucharist to proclaim our core belief: He is risen as he said.  Our mission is to bring the same peace Jesus brought to the disciples in the upper room to all those we meet over these next 36 days.  Like the apostles, we too are witnesses of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection.  We too must testify to this truth, we must give our testimony in what we hold and what we believe.  What is our testimony: our love of God and love of neighbor!

And there is the rub, we often fall short in this love in the competitions we engage in – on our parish committees, in our competition to be the best liturgical minister, the best cantor, or the favored son or daughter, in our unwillingness to compromise and need to have our way, and in our hesitation to bring our faith into our daily lives.  This is why we have the opportunity to regularly renew our baptismal promises over the Easter season, remembering what others promised for us at our Baptism and what we promise in terms of how we live our faith, day in and day out.  Easter evangelization is to announce and live God’s infinite love for us and others.

Each Sunday we exit through the church doors on a mission taking the message of Easter with us to the streets, our workplace, our stores, our places of recreation, our schools, wherever we interact with others.  Happy Easter!

Easter Blessings, Father Larry Hendel


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