From the Pastor’s Desk – April 30, 2017

We performed our own Earth Day conservation measure a year ago by draining the outdoor fountain pool and conserved or saved that amount of water for over a year. Now that the drought is over, we refilled the fountain pool, and turned on the filter pump to keep the water clean. The bubbler pump, on the other hand, froze because it was shut off for over a year and pump shafts do leak a little bit. Needless to say, we had to find a company to repair the motor and another company to uninstall the broken motor, take it for repair, and reinstall the repaired motor. Fortunately, it was possible to restore this important feature of our church because it is closely tied with our equally important inside feature, the baptism pool and font.
You may have been present at the Easter Vigil when we baptized Jessica and on the second Sunday of Easter baptized Lilyanna one of the younger members of our parish faith community. We are also facing a repair on the baptistery pool. We need to replace the filter assembly. After 23 years of weekly use, and even with a significant rebuild of both pools a few years ago, now both sets of mechanical components need maintenance and attention.
I think our parish facilities are of an age we need to pay attention to repair and maintain the critical items that you don’t easily see. The lights work, the heating/air conditioning systems work and that is because we keep investing the time and money to keep them working, change the light bulbs or ballasts so that when you come to Mass everything is in order.
What’s it called? Infrastructure – those parts of a facility that when they work hardly anyone notices, but then when they don’t work you may notice something is amiss. However, for good or ill, I have tried to ensure that our church, the meeting rooms and offices, our parish plant is always in good condition so that we can have Bible Study groups, the ARISE small faith sharing groups, events, come together to worship at Sunday worship and have prayerful devotions in our all under one roof facility. We are also paying attention to the little church as well. Fortunately, there is also a lot of work done by volunteers though the number of willing volunteers is decreasing. We could always use more talented people to help do the odd jobs around the parish plant.
Now that you have completed preparing your tax return for another year, please review your budget, review the ways you choose to be generous and remember Saint Anthony parish. If you haven’t increased your financial support in the last year, please consider a one or two percent increase moving forward. It will help us pay the bills and keep the doors of the church open as you would expect.
Easter Blessings, Father Larry Hendel

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