From the Pastor’s Desk – August 04, 2019

How often do we expect someone else to solve our dilemmas? How often do we decide issues singly or by ourselves? When someone asks Jesus to solve an inheritance issue for him, Jesus does not answer the request. He makes one comment and instead he tells a parable about a rich man whose land produces an abundant harvest. The rich man does not consult others, including his family, coworkers or even friends in terms of what to do; he asks himself what to do. He believes that by building larger granaries he will somehow preserve his abundant though perishable harvest and be content for years to come. In his selfishness, he misses the point: Whatever we have is gift and how grateful are we for the gifts God gives to us?

How grateful are we for what truly matters to God: to love tenderly, walk in justice and be humble before God? I think we are blessed when we truly appreciate all that God gives and shares with us. Do we start and end each day with a profound sense of gratitude? Saying, thank you God, for all that I have and all that you show me. How do we in turn share the abundant gifts that we have with others? There are moments when the most precious gift we can share with others is the gift of time, the gift of presence, the gift of being with others in an intentional way, not accidental way. Be with those who matter in our lives as God is with us every day of our lives because we matter to God. And, of course, we offer support to those in need, those who lack the resources we have.

At the same time, we heartily pray for all those who lack an abundance, those who struggle to put food on the table, shelter over their heads, and desire meaningful employment to take care of self and others. We pray and act for those who seek justice, who seek a better life, who seek safety and refuge in a country that has welcomed immigrants for generations. All of our ancestors were immigrants at some point except for  indigenous peoples who were here first. I am truly grateful that my great – great grandparents were able to leave Germany rather than be conscripted into the Army to fight meaningless battles. I am exceedingly grateful that they were able to be storekeepers and farmers providing for their families first, serving the community and then the nation. What kind of barns are we going to build??

Summer Blessings,

Father Larry


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