From the Pastor’s Desk ~ August 30, 2015

Parishes go through periodic transitions, people move in and people leave, parish staffs go through transitions, people are hired and people leave. After five years of dedicated, faithful service our
Secretary, Elizabeth Kone, was offered and hired for a full time position at Santa Clara University. She has been looking for full time employment for some time. Currently we are not able to fund a full time secretary, the position is part time. Though we feel sad that she is going, we are glad for her, being
able to find a full time position with benefits that is so necessary in this day and age.

For five years Elizabeth has been the cheerful voice answering the phone, fielding your phone calls, answering your questions, trying to take care of your pastoral needs. She was the face of the parish when you came into the parish office to request a Mass intention, clarify your annual contributions for tax purposes, assisting with your requests for Baptisms, Marriage Preparation, or preparing for a family member’s funeral. She trained office volunteers, sent out the monthly or more frequent Parish Updates and took care of the myriad of activities that go on behind the scenes to make this parish a viable, attentive outreach of our faith in Christ.

She was instrumental in organizing the annual ministry appreciation event that has
grown over the past several years. Elizabeth served in this capacity not as a job but as
a ministry that helped many people, helped you in ways you may or may not even
know. I am very grateful for her patience with me, her patience with you and helping
people navigate the necessary steps to sign up for programs, work out calendaring
events, and helping in so many ways.

It will be a challenge to replace her, so I ask for your prayers as we begin the process of finding a new secretary a new administrative assistant who will come to love this parish as she did and you do. Pray that the right candidate applies for the position and we can continue to serve you, serve our diocese and the wider church with the support of this necessary person on the parish staff.

Finally, don’t forget that next Sunday you will be invited to sign up for one of the small faith sharing groups for ARISE: Together in Christ. Each of us must take continuous steps to grow in our faith in Christ so that we can attract new members to the Saint Anthony faith community, attract new families, new people to be part of this family in Christ. Please prayerfully consider how you can participate. Our goal is to be able to offer these groups to anyone who wishes to participate. Next Sunday……
Summer Blessings,
Father Larry Hendel

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