From the Pastor’s Desk – February 09, 2020

All good things come to completion, as we work through the cycles of life and experience God in our lives. Jesus reminded the disciples they were to be “salt and light for others”, to bring out the best in others, to be the flavor that made discipleship attractive as food enlivens the senses and has its own attraction. He told them, “You are the light of the world,” giving people hope when they feel hopeless, illuminating the darkness that may surround them, but offering them a hint that they too could be life for others. Jesus affords us the opportunities for having hope and blessing others with the gifts God gives to us.

After thirteen years, you will be the judge on how well we strove for being light and life for others, bolstering the lives and hopes for others, bringing joy and hope to children at Saint Joseph’s Family Center in Gilroy or encouragement to the students at Amigos de Guadalupe Homework Center on the east side, or the many meals served to the homeless at Home First, or Martha’s kitchen, assisting people who are hungry or in need, that they too can be salt and light for others.

For thirteen years, we have made our ADA Goal every year. This year the ADA theme is “Encounter Christ and put our faith into action” responding to the Bishop’s invitation to know Christ, loving Christ and Serve Christ in all of these ways. I trust in you that we will make our goal again this year. By supporting the Annual Diocesan Appeal our outreach is greater than what we can do by ourselves, touching the lives and hearts of others in our communities and parishes. Please prayerfully reflect on what you can pledge this year to support the ministries of our diocese and benefit our parish as well. I suggest a pledge of $500 or more payable over ten months.

Even though I will be retiring at the end of June, I promise to make my pledge to support the Diocese of San Jose and Saint Anthony parish. I am hopeful that if 188 households could support this effort last year we could have 200 households support the bishop this year. Together let us be salt and light for others.

Peace and Blessings,
Father Larry

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