From the Pastor’s Desk – February 3, 2019

GIFT: What are your gifts? How are you blessed by God? As baptized persons, we are invited each day to grow in faith together, to develop the gifts and talents that God gives to us. First, there were apostles, then prophets, third teachers according to Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. And he continues to describe in Chapter 13 what it means to love, make that  decision and live it every single day. So, what are your gifts that you share with your family, your community, and the parish?

Clearly there are different gifts but the same Spirit. we rely on the Spirit to empower us, empower our gifts that we are called upon to put into service for others. Each of us has some gift to share.

So, too, the church needs everyone’s talents and gifts to proclaim God’s Good News, to build up the body of Christ to have a vibrant life giving faith community. We need people who are followers of Christ, who have a passion for what they believe and put it into practice. We need those prophets of justice who seek out people in need to minister to and with them, whether people live in faraway countries like Haiti, or close to home in our own communities. We rely on those who take roles of leadership to move the church forward, whether a person like Saint John XXIII who convened an ecumenical council or a Bishop like Francis Quinn who ministered among native Americans or priests who serve people selflessly. We need people of faith teaching in public, charter, parochial and community schools to form our youth, the next generation with values and morals. And we need doctors, nurses, health practitioners, administrators, managers and people who can interpret for others. No matter how clearly we attempt to speak and write; inevitably there is the need for someone to interpret for others the meaning of the Word of God.

Similarly, our local church, the Diocese of San Jose needs every person, every household to support the work of the church on three levels: in the parish, on the diocesan level, and the national or international levels.

I ask everyone’s participation to share your gift of treasure for the Annual Diocesan Appeal. If you can’t share your treasure, turn in the form and make a prayer pledge of support for the campaign. Each form turned in is considered valid participation. I would like to reach 60-70% participation of all the registered households in Saint Anthony parish for this year’s ADA Appeal.

Our parish goal for this year’s Annual Diocesan Appeal is $76,589 plus a parish goal for the oak tree project of $23,411 for a total of $100,000. Let us strive for 70% participation of all registered households. With each household participating we can achieve these goals. Remember every dollar paid over and above our diocesan goal comes back to the parish.

Along with Bishop McGrath and Bishop Cantu we can minister “Hand in Hand”, I thank you for your sacrifice, your dedication and commitment to Saint Anthony parish.

Blessings, Father Larry

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