From the Pastor’s Desk – Jan. 22, 2017

Last Sunday we re-entered Ordinary Time which is different than Christmas, Lent or even the Easter season. Ordinary time are all those Sundays and weeks in between the major liturgical seasons.  Within these Sundays we unfold the mystery of our faith in Jesus who invites us once more to “Follow Me” “Come after me.”

Are we willing to journey with Jesus, the Son of God and Messiah, who heals,  casts out demons, feeds the hungry, and dines with tax collectors and sinners?  Reading some of the lives of the saints, we might be afraid of what our calling involves just as Jesus’ disciples were fearful in the face of a raging sea. Fright might overcome us as we hear of the suffering that we can experience in life.  Some people might ask, why follow Jesus who suffered and died?  And yet, these many centuries later, we know.  Jesus is the Resurrection and the life, to follow Him leads to the promise of sharing in eternal life.

But, we might say, no, not yet, I’m not ready to be raised up.  I have too much to do, too many things on my bucket list to accomplish before I die.  That is also true, but in the meantime what does it mean to respond to Jesus’ invitation made not just to the apostles and disciples long ago, but made to us today?  At some point we must drop our nets, drop what we are doing, what we think is so important and follow Christ.

Dropping our nets, might mean to stop some of what we are doing in order to reflect on the words of the beatitudes we will hear next Sunday.  For we know that we are blessed when we fully rely on the Lord, when we grieve over those whom we love, when we reverence the land upon which we live and extend mercy and compassion to those in need.

Living the beatitudes involves following Jesus, walking in his footsteps and imitating his goodness.  We have received so much in our lives and then we are called to give back to him some of what He has given us. Each day we have the opportunity to say yes to Him, to follow him and then come and see.  How will we commit or  recommit ourselves to Him? How will we extend his hospitality to the stranger, the immigrant or the orphan? How will we take the gift of life from the Eucharist and share that life with others?  How can we pray for all those who have asked for our prayers?  There is really nothing about Ordinary Time, except the not so ordinary  moments when we can meet Christ in our daily lives.

Have a good week and live this glorious life of faith.


Father Larry


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