From the Pastor’s Desk – January 21, 2018

Each year our parish and every parish in our Diocese is responsible for a portion of the financial obligation it takes to meet the ministry, programs and services of our Catholic Church.  Together, we are able to reach so many more in need than our parish could ever reach alone.  By now you should have received at your home, a personal invitation from Bishop McGrath to participate in the 2018 Annual Diocesan Appeal, Sharing the Joy of the Gospel, Together in Christ. Our goal this year is $74,830 with a challenge goal of $25,170 for the Oak Tree project for a total of $100,000. With your help we can reach these goals as we did last year and the previous 12 years.

Please take time to look through the brochure at the services, programs and ministries of our Diocese, the many people that are served through this joining of resources and the wonderful generosity that has been shared.  I ask you in partnership with Bishop McGrath to consider a gift/pledge to the Annual Diocesan Appeal, to benefit our parish and more importantly all our parishes in the diocese.  Every gift is valuable.  Sometimes it is hard to envision how your one gift could make a difference in an organization the size of our diocese, but it does, each Catholic family, each parish, TOGETHER can fulfill the mission of the Church, to love and serve one another.  In trying times our gifts from God may be more difficult to identify, God blesses each of us every day.  No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.  Thank you for continuing your support to our parish and our diocesan faith community in so many ways.

I am asking each household to consider a gift of $500 payable over ten months.  Out of gratitude we give back to God what God gives to us, first, our stewardship support of the parish each week or month or year, and our support of the Bishop.  I don’t know how the new tax laws will affect you, but I rely on your stewardship, your support of the parish regardless of the tax consequences so that we can provide the ministries and services that are necessary.  I rely on each household to support the parish and the diocese; everyone can do something, every gift is important and needed. Today is pledge Sunday.

Blessings,   Father Larry Hendel

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