From the Pastor’s Desk – July 10, 2016

Fr. Larry HendelAfter moving out of the rectory into the cottage this past week, I thought I should give you a mid-summer progress report on pending actions in the parish.

First, I am pleased to announce that after interviewing a number of candidates over the past eighteen months, we interviewed a woman who just graduated from the University of Santa Clara. We believe she will enhance our youth ministry programs, junior high, high school and Confirmation for the coming year.  On July 1st we hired Analisa Fuentes to this exciting and challenging Youth Ministry coordinator position for Saint Anthony parish.  She prefers to be called Ana.  We have high hopes and expectations that she will be able to reach out to the youth and invite them to            participate in these vital faith formation processes.

Second, the fundraising efforts for the rectory project continue to go well.  You have contributed almost $615,000 towards the campaign pledged total of $836,475.  This past week we approached Councilman Khamis’ office to follow-up on our permit application to remodel the existing rectory to ensure that the planning department keeps our project on track in hopes that we can break ground before the fall. The bids from the contractors bidding on the rectory remodel are due at the Diocese  on July 14th.

Third, we accepted the low bid for the replacement of the big church roof ($72,372.00) prior to the installation of a solar-photo voltaic system sometime this fall through a PPA (Purchase Power Agreement), in other words, no cost to the parish.  It should reduce our electricity bills, make the church a little cooler by shading a portion of the roof and help us to be more ecologically responsible.

Fourth, next week the ripped awning over the front doors of the big church will be removed, the frame freshened up with a coat of paint and a new Sunbrella cover installed on Thursday, July 14th.

Fifth, we anticipate improving the fire safety of the little church by removing the three large non-native eucalyptus trees immediately in front of the church and significantly pruning the other four eucalyptus trees.

Sixth, last and not least, after tenting the big church for termites, the contractor  discovered areas of dry rot, some areas will be repaired when the church is re-roofed and others areas near the green house window and front door will be repaired by another contractor.  The exterior of the church will be painted with a new paint product that will last longer than the last paint material as good as it was. When we get the bids for painting the exterior of the church I will let you know how much that is going to cost.

We are able to re-roof the church because of a substantial donation restricted for that purpose several years ago.  All the other projects are coming out of some of our reserves.  In light of the rectory campaign, we are not specifically asking for more money, but anyone who has the ability to contribute to the painting of the church or awning replacement, or anything else your financial support will be most appreciated.

As you well know there are always repair and maintenance issues and it seems we have several major ones coming due at this time because the church building is going to be 24 years old in September. On average a parish needs to spend around $20,000 in maintenance costs every year to maintain the facilities. We have deferred some items that are now coming due, all at once.  I appreciate your stewardship and support of the parish.

Finally, I will be taking only three weeks of vacation and plan to return on July 28th.  See you then.

Summer Blessings,

Father Larry Hendel, Pastor


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