From the Pastor’s Desk – July 23, 2017

We have passed the halfway point of summer last weekend, and people are taking their summer vacations before school resumes in August. Everyone deserves a break from work, daily routine and school to rest, refresh and regroup. I plan to do that starting Monday, July 24th begin my vacation and return on Friday August 11. While we take summer breaks, summer vacations, the parish continues to minister to people, provide pastoral care as it is needed and wanted. As we wrap up another fiscal year and prepare for our end of year report, we need every household to support the ministry of the parish; it never stops. I am grateful that several priests will help out in my absence from celebrating Masses on the weekend to being available in case of requests for anointing of the sick or hospital calls. Ministry continues and I hope your support continues because the parish relies on your generosity to provide the services you expect.

Starting in August we have several initiatives to get underway, encouraging your prayer life, praying for the people of Saint Anthony parish and dispelling various myths about parish finances. Needless to say a parish is a modest non-profit entity that relies solely on your support to provide the services, pastoral staff and all the overhead necessary to run this moderate sized business with a budget of a little over $400 thousand dollars. We contribute to the diocese, the central offices, through the Annual Diocesan Appeal and cathedracticum (10% tax on our ordinary income) to support the bishop’s ministry that in turn helps us. We pay the diocese, they don’t pay us.

In the meantime I am delighted with the progress on the remodeling of the rectory. By next week the exterior of the cottage and rectory should be painted. Inside, the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room cabinets were installed, and the baseboards, doors and door trim. Last Monday the tile installers began their work to lay down the floor in the great room and kitchen. People ask, “When do you think you will be moving in?” At this point we have a target date of September 25th for a final inspection. We hope that by then our contractor, Hough Construction Company will complete all the necessary tasks. There are several pending jobs, putting in the sidewalk to the front porch, a small patio and wood deck on the back of the house and complete necessary repair work on the septic tank. I appreciate your commitment and support of this project, and all the projects and outreach we put before you.

Blessings, Father Larry Hendel

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