From the Pastor’s Desk – July 30, 2017

We heard in last Sunday’s Gospel that the sower sows good seed in the field. God sows goodness in each person, whether we realize it or not. It is the goodness inside we hope to cultivate with God’s abiding presence and grace. Aware that God is part of every moment of our days, from waking, working, running errands and even in our sleeping and our dreaming.  We know that regardless of what we do, there will be a harvest, a bountiful harvest as we are part of the kingdom of God here on earth and the kingdom yet to come.

Everyone looks forward to their time off, time away from the daily routine and looks forward to vacation time.   There is a great deal of anticipation before vacation begins, hopefully not raising expectations too high, but just being open to the time to regroup, rest and recreate. On Monday morning before dawn I finished most of my pre-vacation preparations, not all, packed the car and began the journey. That’s OK those things will just have to wait.

I love getting up early in the morning when it is quiet outside before the traffic picks up, all the people going to work, starting their day. In that quiet I give thanks to God for another day, another day to live, give thanks and discover something new. Driving south down highway 101 with commute traffic, the traffic moves at or above the speed limit, I stay to the right when at all possible. Passing San Luis Reservoir now full of water, the level rose over a hundred feet this past rainy season, it was a glorious sight to see. Coming out of the fog over Pacheco pass the sun shone brightly on the white caps skittering over the water’s surface.  Water is a blessing and using it wisely is essential.

My drive continued down I-5 with UPS trucks, every manner of car and van, campers and RV’s going to their respective destinations passing by the incredible acres and acres of farmland, vineyards, orchards, and crops. At 70 miles an hour, it is impossible to see the weeds, I could only see row after row of crops and trees, an abundant potential of food for a hungry population. I wonder how many people said a word of thanks, thank you God for your creation, thank you for the farm workers who tend and harvest the crops, thank you for those who bring food to stores so we can bring that food to our tables.  God sows goodness everywhere, provided our eyes are open to see it, our ears to hear, and our heart to appreciate it.  See you in a couple of weeks.

Blessing, Father Larry Hendel

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