From the Pastor’s Desk – June 16, 2019

We have now left the Easter season behind, returning to Ordinary Time with two Feasts, today the feast of the Most Holy Trinity, and next Sunday, the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. As Christians, we believe in the Mystery of the Trinity, we believe in one God, in three Persons, Father Son and Holy Spirit, an intimate relationship bound together in love shared by the three persons of the Trinity. Throughout the year we are fed through the gift of Eucharist, the very life of the Lord each Sunday, fed with the Body and Blood of Christ who desires to transform our lives so that we might become one Body in Christ as the people of God. We celebrate this Feast on June 22nd and 23rd.  Enlivened by the Lord, we share our gifts.

As of June the 11th the development office reports that we are very close to making our diocesan goal of $76,589 with payments amounting to $73,022.04. When we reach the diocesan goal, every dollar received over and above the goal will come back to the parish in the form of a refund. Presuming everyone who has an outstanding pledge pays down their pledge we expect to receive a refund of $16,129.42 to the parish by the end of the calendar year.

Saint Anthony parish had good participation this past year, 173 households participating out of 279, a 62% participation rate. The average participation rate in many parishes only approaches 20-30%. I am very proud of our standing in the diocese with our very good participation rate. Every pledge counts, every payment makes a difference. Let’s reach the goal soon, as you share your gift of support!

God has given you gifts and talents, the ability to work and provide for your needs and the needs of your families. As grateful people, grateful stewards of God’s many gifts, it is our obligation to give back to God the first fruits of our work, our labor. In addition, please don’t forget the parish when you go on vacation, the parish still provides ministry and services, the bills still need to be paid. On-line giving helps to keep our monthly income consistent. We rely on your commitment to support the work of the parish, the services we provide and the sacramental life that binds us together. Together in faith we can spread the Gospel and announce the Good News. Working together we can accomplish what we need to do.


Father Larry

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