From the Pastor’s Desk – July 22, 2015

I read the scriptures today and smile. They remind me of the hospitality here at Saint Anthony parish that we extend to each
other and to strangers, especially on “Donut Sunday”. It is one of the things that people who attend Sunday Mass and social events
take pleasure in. I am sure it is something that the people who enjoy Outreach dinners, the shoe cards and the backpacks we supply…along with all the many other ways that we give to those less fortunate… appreciate as well. We are known for our hospitality and good works and we should be proud, but humble.
Just as Jesus did, we are building community.
In the gospel story, do you think maybe Jesus’ plan was to get all the people together just as we do on a Sunday. John was
reminding his community and us to remember who God is…a nourishing, strengthening, traveling companion who uses bread to draw people together to form a caring community, who in turn feeds the hungry and the needy. Helping others is important. However, those same people need our prayers. The
families in our parish community need your prayers…those that are ill, who are looking for jobs, who are caregivers for others, who are depressed and who have lost a loved one. Please take some time this week to pray for them. It was out of love that Jesus fed the thousands who followed him across the Sea of Galilee. We must be
compassionate as Jesus is compassionate and not only feed and clothe people, but pray for them…and each other.
Let’s continue to be the welcoming community that we are and not be strangers. Thank you for all that you do!
Have an amazing week!
Joann Maier
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