From the Pastor’s Desk – March 24, 2019

Today, the scriptures feature Moses, the chosen leader of the people of Israel, God calling Moses to lead the people out of captivity in Egypt to the promised land, a land flowing with milk and honey. As Moses was going about his daily business tending his father-in-law’s flocks, he encounters the burning but unconsumed bush on Mt. Horeb, a holy place. Approaching the bush, God stops him, telling him to take off his sandals for he is standing on holy ground.

We know and hopefully understand that all that God creates is holy, literally the ground we walk on is holy ground. If we were to fully grasp that statement would it make a difference in the way we live, move, walk and engage others in relationship? As we heard last week, God entered into a covenant relationship with the people like us, to be his people for He is our God. God hears the cries of the people, the suffering cries of the people and how do those cries move us, move our hearts to seek justice?

In light of all the tragedies that occur in our world, how can we counter hatred, narrow views, exclusive views that  denigrate any segment of the population on spaceship earth? When we take upon ourselves viewpoints that limit, restrict, or become exclusive we ignore our relationship with God, we scoff at God who wants a covenant relationship with all humanity. When we reject others for our own ends, our own purposes, the possibility of tragedies like last week’s  shooting in the mosques in New Zealand, a basically peaceful country, become possible.

All media outlets are facing the challenge of how to manage a free and open market that allows unfettered speech to extremist groups to flaunt their messages that seek to divide, limit, state pejorative messages and attempt to put people at odds with each other. When we cannot respect others, we disrespect ourselves and in turn find it possible to disrespect others. God reveal your holiness to us so that we can see your glory, your divinity in others. Help us to seek justice where others seek injustice.

Blessings – Father Larry

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