From the Pastor’s Desk – May 19, 2019

For many students now, they are approaching the end of the spring term, pretty soon facing final exams, and for some graduation. After four years of high school, university, or graduate school, these same students are preparing to graduate which fundamentally means completion of a course of studies that says they have completed the required course requirements, taken their academic skills to another level and are preparing for next steps, either going onto college, or moving into the work forces in the area where they now have a certain level of expertise. Some students go into the fields they studied, others simply move into a new job or follow their avocation. Along the way, many sacrifices were made to ensure the realization of their goals, the financial sacrifices made by parents, the sacrifice of time to study, write the papers, and pass the exams. The education system is fraught with challenges and stresses but with perseverance, completion of student’s goals is within sight.

I imagine that parents either close by or from afar assured their daughters and sons, that whatever happens, they would continue to love them, support them and be there for them. From the moment your child first took in a breath, you have breathed alongside them, encouraging them to move forward, that they could accomplish whatever they set out to do.

Jesus tells his disciples today that he gives them a new commandment: “love one another. As I have loved you, so you should love one another.” Mind you this love is sacrificial love, a love that tells us he would lay down his life for us, in the many ways parents lay down their lives for their sons and daughters, doing all the important things that parents do for their children, sharing their sorrows and defeats, and glorying in their feats and accomplishments no matter how small or large.

May we experience this sacrificial love of the Lord this Easter season, and share that love with all our brothers and sisters, a love that is always more than a feeling, clearly a decision for the good of the other.

Easter Blessings – Father Larry

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