From the Pastor’s Desk – November 11, 2018

Jesus censures the scribes and Pharisees for their quests for honor, being recognized in public and seeking high places.  It is a caution for us, God’s faithful people, to avoid seeking honors for honor’s sake. He also accuses them of exploiting widows financially because they relied on alms and the generosity of others for their well being.  Even today there are issues as to how we as a people, as a country, can take care of the poor, the orphan and the widow.  It is not an option, it is a moral imperative to ensure that basic needs are met for those who are poor, orphans or widows.

And so Jesus points to the widow, someone who really has nothing and she gives all that she has to the temple treasury, two small coins.  She is seen as generous where the scribes give from their surplus, not their want.  She gives with honest intention and becomes the model for all who trust in God.  In giving all that she had, she is a Christ figure, foreshadowing Jesus’ total gift of self on the Cross for our salvation.

What can we give back to the Lord for all the Lord has given to us?  The parish relies on your weekly or monthly contributions to maintain and grow the ministries we have and would like to do.  Your commitment of support makes the difference in what we can and can’t do.  We completely appreciate those who have been able to increase their Sunday support, appreciate all those who have turned in their commitment cards and look forward to more cards being turned in.  For some, it is not possible to increase their gift and there is a box on the card to check: Pray for the success of our Grateful Living, Thankful Giving program.  With everyone’s support we can move forward with strength, move forward with the financial support to ensure the life of Saint Anthony Parish.  We are not in a financial crisis, and your support will ensure that we can take care of all our present and anticipated obligations.  You will see new vertical blinds in the church in the near future and a new sound system to ensure that you can hear what is spoken or sung.

Blessings of the fall Season,

Father Larry Hendel, Pastor

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