From the Pastor’s Desk – November 17, 2019

Throughout the month of November, it is the tradition of the church to remember the Faithful Departed. We began with the Feast of All Saints on November 1st, remembering that we are God’s holy ones, and called to live holy or whole lives, being disciples of Jesus, followers of Christ who take the Gospel message to heart. On November 2nd we celebrated the Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed, commonly known as All Souls. Each year we honor the dead by listing their names, putting up an altar in honor of all those who have died, remembering their lives, their faith and their influence in our lives. Reflecting on deceased parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters, daughters and sons can be an emotional experience because we sorely miss them. At the same time, we miss them, we recognize they are where we want to be some day, sharing in the fullness of life in Christ, lives transformed by the resurrection of the Lord, being in the heavenly realm. We recognize these losses in our lives, as we grieve and mourn, whether one year, ten, twenty or more. Where do we find consolation? Hopefully we find it in our faith and our belief in the
resurrection and our belief in the communion of saints. But there are also other kinds of losses that leave us perplexed, unsettled, or even concerned.

There will be a Mass of Consolation on Thursday, November 21st at 7:30 PM for anyone who has experienced any kind of loss this past year, the death of a family member, the loss of job, loss of a
relationship, or any other kind of loss. Let us come together and pray together that we might receive God’s healing peace. When praying the General Intercessions during the Mass, the lector will read the names of all those people who died this past year, in particular, parishioners and the names of family members who died in other places, and we prayed for them. In addition, all those present will have the opportunity come forward, light a vigil candle to lift up your special personal prayer, personal need or request for the consolation you seek, whatever the loss might be in your lives and place those lit candles on tables. Please come so that we can pray together that night. This prayer may help us face the holidays, include these intentions on Thanksgiving Day, throughout Advent and Christmas. We rely on our faith in God, and always the incredible love of the Lord for us.

God’s Peace and Blessings,
Father Larry Hendel, Pastor

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