From the Pastor’s Desk ~ November 22, 2015

Today is commitment or pledge Sunday for the rectory capital campaign project. Last week we held five receptions to explain in detail to 150 parishioners what the rectory committee has done over the last eighteen months to get to where we are today. Our plan is to gut the existing rectory, remove all the damage from termites and dry rot, remove two cinder block walls and extend the house forward 495 square feet to allow for a suite: bathroom, bedroom and small office required by Bishop P. J. McGrath, our bishop. The rectory will also include an open design living room and kitchen, with an inside laundry, (finally) and a half bath for guests.

This remodel of the rectory must conform to commercial building code requirements. It is a very reasonable project and yet it definitely costs more than any kind of remodel that you have done on your homes because the contractors must pay prevailing wages and meet diocesan standards.

We are seeking $650,000 in pledges to adhere to the budget that you gave us through the parish wide survey and feasibility study. Having an on-site pastor is necessary and essential for this parish which rules out any off site living situation, plus living elsewhere leaves the site open after hours when no one is on site. I enjoy living on site and have enjoyed that privilege in all of my past parish assignments.

The success of this project depends on every household’s participation just like the Annual Diocesan Appeal. Unlike the ADA we are running this capital campaign on a very short time line. We mailed all non-participating households another packet to ensure that you have received the materials. I count on you for your support, the rectory committee counts on you for your support.

Please consider a gift that is meaningful for you, for some any gift will be a sacrifice, for others who are blessed a meaningful gift will be more than $2,400 payable over two years. We have more than $200,000 pledged at this time, but we need 50% of the expected construction costs in order to break ground.

I hope you share the sense of urgency that we have to make this project successful, to stay out of debt, and realize the completion of this project by next fall. In order to do that we need every families’ participation as soon as possible, for those who have made a commitment please talk to your fellow parishioners and invite them to do the same.

It is time to upgrade the 70 year old farmhouse, and provide a decent living space for future pastors. You are the key to this project’s success, please pray over your response, make a decision and help us as soon as possible. We are counting on you.
Many Blessings,
Father Larry Hendel

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