From the Pastor’s Desk – Oct. 30, 2016

Hendel, LI need to recap some of our significant expenditures for the physical plant that began in July, the new fiscal year, and will conclude soon!

Shelton roofing tore off the failing composition roof material and installed a new roof with improved drains and flashing material on exposed roof beams in August.  It took almost two full weeks to complete the project and cost $72,372 paid for from a restricted donation.

Hough Construction repaired or replaced damaged and cracked wooden siding on the church to prepare for the painting project. Those repairs totaled almost $3,000.  Altistech Painting Company primed, caulked, painted the exterior of the big church, repainted the white cross, the yellow safety lines on the curbs and our two entry signs for $18,523.

In September, we improved the fire safety of the little church by removing the three large non-native eucalyptus trees immediately in front of the church and significantly pruned the other four eucalyptus trees for a total of $8,800 through Bay Area Tree  Service.

Last week, City Canvas was finally able to replace the torn and deteriorated canvas awning material and install a new awning in front of the big church for approximately $2,922.

Last Wednesday, Stanley Convergent Systems completed the installation process over six days to replace our obsolete fire alarm and security system with a new system that required adding electrical boxes behind every strobe, smoke detector and alarm modules and pulling all new wiring to meet current code requirements for approximately $23,994.  We’re not sure if there will be additional charges.

Total repairs and charges paid thus far: $129,611 a very significant, but necessary amount. 

So, we were able to re-roof the big church because of a substantial restricted donation given to us for that purpose several years ago.  All the other projects were paid for out of our reserves, monies were not available from the operational budget or current income.  I am exceedingly grateful for your commitment and financial support to make the rectory remodel project possible.

On the downside our Sunday collections are less than  last year and the year before. We have lost some supportive parishioners through moves to other places, deaths and other reasons and so their financial support is greatly missed.  To continue the life, health and financial stability of the parish I am asking each household to consider an increase of time, talent, and treasure.  Every gift counts, no contribution is too small or too great, but if you have not increased your contribution in the past year, past two years or even ten years, please consider a percentage increase.  Our current budget does not permit us to pay health care benefits to our hourly employees and they are relying on spouses’ or family health care plans at this time.

It is a matter of justice that we pay salaries according to diocesan guidelines and be able to provide health insurance benefits.  In order to pay all benefits we need an additional $5,000 a month to meet these costs, or $60,000 per year to meet all our  obligations.  Please prayerfully reflect on what you can do to get us in the black this fiscal year. Saint Anthony is a wonderful hospitable parish that lives the Gospel of welcome, mercy and compassion.  You are the ambassadors who can make the difference by telling the Good News to others.
Fall Blessings, Father Larry Hendel, Pastor


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