From the Pastor’s Desk ~ September 27, 2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015 Pope Francis arrived in Havana, Cuba for a three day visit, celebrating Mass for the people, visiting with civic leaders and Fidel Castro, the former president of the country throughout a very full schedule. Cuba faces innumerable challenges, even among its Catholic population, only a small percentage of people regularly attend […]

From the Pastor’s Desk ~ September 13, 2015

Last Sunday we honored workers, on Labor Day weekend and received a challenge from the letter to James to “show no partiality” to those we perceive who are rich. Instead, if there is any preference given, it is given to the poor. From the Medellin council in Latin America the “church’s preferential option is for […]

From the Pastor’s Desk ~ September 6, 2015

On the weekend of September 13th we have the annual collection for Catholic Schools in our Diocese. I am a product of an elementary Catholic school and the diocesan seminary system. My parents believed in the value of a Catholic education, not so much for the academic component which is very important, but on developing faith and knowledge to grow […]