Rectory Project – Timeline & Fundraising


The Diocese and the City of San Jose have preliminary approved the rectory project. In order to begin construction, the parish needs to have the full estimated cost of the project pledged, with 50% in cash received (paid pledges). Construction is estimated to start in the summer of 2016 and last approximately 3 months.  Fr. Larry will reside in the cottage during the construction.  The estimated completion is October 2016.


Please prayerfully reflect on how you can help in this important effort.  The participation of all members of our community is needed to be successful.   Every member is being asked to consider a 2-year pledge of $2,400 or more.  Pledge payments can be made monthly, quarterly, annually or in any way that best fits your needs. 

The decision of how much to give is a very personal matter.  Every parishioner has different financial circumstances.  If you have been financially blessed and are able to give more, the parish is depending on your generosity.  All contributions, regardless of the amount, are welcomed, appreciated, and needed.

GIFT EXAMPLES (over 2-years)