Rectory Project – Updates

Updates – January, 2018

All of the inspections are complete and Fr. Larry is in the process of moving in!

Updates – July, 2017

I am delighted with the progress on the remodeling of the rectory.



By next week the exterior of the cottage and rectory should be painted.  Inside, the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room cabinets were installed, and the baseboards, doors and door trim.



Last Monday the tile installers began their work to lay down the floor in the great room and kitchen.  People ask, “When do you think you will be moving in?” At this point we have a target date of September 25th for a final inspection. We hope that by then our contractor, Hough Construction Company will complete all the necessary tasks.

There are several pending jobs, putting in the sidewalk to the front porch, a small patio and wood deck on the back of the house and complete necessary repair work on the septic tank.  I appreciate your commitment and support of this project, Father Larry Hendel.

Updates – May, 2017

Over the past several weeks, the electrician began installing the LED can ceiling lights to illuminate all the rooms in the rectory.

The stucco subcontractor began wrapping the building, installing the reinforcing screening to support the stucco that will be applied to the exterior walls, including the concrete block walls, brick chimney and new flue.

The rectory now has a front door and when the building is completely prepared, the contractor will call for the final framing inspection by the City of San Jose Planning Department.  As you can see at least from the front, the double paned windows and sliding door in the back are also installed.

The general contractor is framing out the windows to prepare for sheet rock.  We will have a progress report meeting with the contractor next week as we move into the selection phase:  flooring, tile, carpet and other finishes based on specifications provided by the architect and corresponding to the respective bids.

Updates – March, 2017


Over the past three weeks, Hough construction company finished laying the subfloor over the new floor joists for the rectory remodel. In between the rain storms, the carpenters erected the wall framing  and nailed shear panels to the exterior frame of the building.


On Mon., Feb. 27th the roof trusses arrived & were hoisted in place using a crane.  Four carpenters spent the next four days, lifting up & blocking the trusses, ensuring they were square & true to the building frame.

Finally, roof sheeting was laid down on a very intense busy Friday.  It is starting to look like a house.  This coming week, scaffolding will be erected so that the carpenters can finish adding the shear wall material & enclose the structure pending a framing inspection by the City of San Jose.

Without your support this project would not be possible, I am ever grateful for all those who are financially supporting the project, as we look forward to seeing more progress in the days and weeks to come.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Fr. Larry or Bill Zillman, rectory committee chairperson.

Updates – December, 2016

12-08-2016 12-08-2016a 12-08-2016b

Work resumed on the Rectory this week, Dec. 5 2016.
A couple of loads of debris were removed and the site almost looks ready to have the walls cut down. Check back here or on Facebook to see the dramatic result soon.

Updates – November, 2016

_dsc5246img_0126_dsc5274img_015610-13-2016-dOn October 2nd, the 22nd Anniversary of the dedication of the big church, I invited Bishop McGrath to celebrate the Eucharist with us. 

The week before we were finally approved and received our permit from the City of San Jose and  officially began the project with a blessing of the site after Mass. 

On Monday, October 3rd the contractor’s crew began removing the roof and trusses.  After removing all the roof and some of the interior the skies opened and it rained on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Dolores Schwarz said, “I knew it would rain once you took off the roof.”  Her husband was an architect.

Since then, Hough Construction has hooked up a temporary bypass to continue water service to the cottage where I have been living since the end of July.

We are currently waiting for a date from P.G.&E. to move the power meter from the old rectory to the temporary power pole and then hook up the temporary power connections to the cottage, garage and sheds. 

As soon as the power is switched over the concrete cutters can demolish the front walls.  You will see a dramatic difference when the walls come down.

Updates – April 15, 2016

The St. Anthony Rectory project came on for regular hearing at the San Jose  Planning Commission Consent Calendar on April 13.

The Commission approved a Conditional Use Permit and Site Development Permit Resolution without opposition or comment from either commission members, staff or the general public. There is now a mandatory ten day waiting period for that action to become final.

Our architect is completing very detailed construction plans for the project and awaiting submission of material from the structural and civil engineers working on the project. All of the plans are expected to be completed by April 23 so that a final package can be submitted to the Planning Commission for approval.

Thereafter, the Diocese of San Jose will solicit bids for the remodel.

Updates – March 17, 2016

Total amount pledged                                   $833,347

Amount paid to date                                      $497,313

Balance outstanding                                      $336,034

Balance to be paid through recurring online payments, annual pledges, one-time payments and other payments over the course of the next two years.

Constructions drawings are in process with both interior and exterior details being added as drawings are completed.

Project and the Conditional Use Permit application (“CUP”) will go before City of San Jose Planning Commission on the evening of March 23, 2016. As no comments or objections to the project have been voiced by City of SJ Departments involved (Planning, Fire, Public Works), it is anticipated that the CUP will be approved on that date. The project will then go before the entire San Jose City Council 7-10 days thereafter for approval. No problems are anticipated in this process.

After approval by the SJ City Council, the project will be open for bid, coordinated by the Diocese of San Jose facilities department. It is still anticipated that groundbreaking on the project will occur in June.