Saint Anthony Parish Rectory Project

Rectory Project

The current rectory has long been in need of serious improvements. The rectory was built in the 1940’s as the residence for the apricot orchard, which is now our parish site.  It is 1,090 sq./ft. and consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, living space and exterior laundry.  The general condition of the house is marginal, with heating difficulties, questionable plumbing, electrical issues and aging appliances. 

The Bishop of San Jose determined years ago that the condition of the rectory at Saint Anthony was inadequate as a pastor residence.  The parish has been fortunate that Fr. Larry has continued to reside in the rectory, providing the parish with the benefits of an on-site pastor.  It is the responsibility of each parish to provide suitable housing for the pastor and in the spring of 2014, the parish conducted a feasibility study to evaluate the level of interest and support for a new rectory.  While there was widespread support for addressing the needs of the rectory, the project needed to be scaled back to meet the funding projections of the parishioners. 

A rectory committee was formed to evaluate options, review cost considerations and understand city requirements.  After a year of prayer and discernment, the project was ready to move forward with an extensive remodel and small addition to the existing rectory.  The addition of approximately 500 sq./ft. to the existing 1,090 sq./ft. of the rectory will change the configuration of the rectory from a two bedroom, one bathroom to one that includes a suite with a separate office, an expanded living room / dining room, interior laundry and storage.  Because of site setbacks and the location of the existing cottage, the additional square footage will be added to the eastern portion of the rectory, toward the church.