Youth Ministry

X-StATiC ( Xtreme St Anthony Teens in Christ)

Join the fun and exciting Youth Ministry experience with X-StATiC at Saint Anthony. Meet weekly with other teens to engage in thought provoking group meetings, activities, retreats, and religious education. Experience a cool cooperative environment where teens are encouraged to speak their minds, discuss the topics of the day, and worship together.

X-StATiC operates as an outlet, a venue, and a haven for local teens to celebrate, pray, and experience God.
X-StATiC stands for Xtreme St. Anthony Teens in Christ. This program is geared towards high school teens from 9th to 12th grades. X-StATiC meets most Sundays after the 5:30pm Mass.

The mission of X-StATiC is to bring teens closer to Jesus Christ and His church and to foster spiritual growth and develop community involvement.

If you’re interested in joining X-StATiC, download the Registration Form below and send it to:

Saint Anthony Catholic Church
20101 McKean Road
San Jose, CA 95120

For more information about joining X-StATiC, contact Joann Maier or ask about X-StATiC at the Parish Office.

Ana Fuentes: (408) 997 4812 or email.